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Outdoor lighting systems

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it's all about security, safety, and value.

Pollin QuoteSECURITY. Outdoor lighting is a proven crime deterrent whether you are in the house or away on vacation. Imagine that you make your living breaking into homes and stealing jewelry, electronics, and other valuables. Which house will you select for your next job? The one that is well-lit or the one enveloped in darkness?

SAFETY. Outdoor lighting is an important safety feature, illuminating toys on the stairs, ice on the sidewalks, people approaching the house, and locks for easy entrance.

VALUE. Close your eyes and visualize your home at night with beautiful outdoor lighting illuminating your landscaping, entranceways, walkways, stairs, and architectural features. Ahhh, beautiful. Can you think of a better way to enhance your home's value for less money than outdoor lighting?

TSS is experienced in installing state-of-the-art outdoor lighting systems with a wide range of options including wall-mounted lamps, post lamps, hanging lamps, landscape lights, path lights, spotlights, shadow lights, wall wash lighting, tree lights, overhead lights, security lights, and stair lights. We can offer you a wide range of designs, colors, and styles, from traditional to craftsman to contemporary. We use top quality fixtures, wiring, junctions, switches, controllers, and bulbs that can withstand all kinds of weather. In addition, we can help you plan a system that is energy efficient and minimizes light pollution. Did you know that more and more municipalities are passing ordinances that address misdirection of light and glare, excessive brightness of light, and the use of all-night light?

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Why can't I install a lighting system myself?
You can. But you shouldn't. We're talking electricity here. You want to be sure that children and pets can't be electrocuted, that the cables will not be cut by lawnmowers, and that you will meet the code requirements of your municipality.

What should I look for in a contractor?
Remember, you are not just buying a commodity, you are buying a service. The contractor is just as important as the parts being used. Ask how long the contractor has been in business. Ask for the names of recent customers. Make sure the company has a license, certification, and liability isurance, worker's comp, and automobile insurance. What kind of warranty is offered? Do they use reputable brand name products? Do they answer all your questions? Will you get a detailed written price quote?

So how long have you been in business?
In 2004 we celebrated our 30th anniversary!

Are you licensed?

Are you certified?
Of course.

Are you insured?
We not only have general liability insurance, but worker's comp (this protects you from potential liability if one of our workers is hurt on your property while on the job), and automobile insurance.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
All our work carries a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

We are building a new home. What should we do during construction?
Have PVC pipes of at least 4" diameter placed under driveways and walkways. These pipes can be used for lighting cables, sprinkling system pipes, speaker wires, security systems, etc. Make sure they are plainly marked and that they are on the blueprints. Also, install several outdoor outlets connected to a dedicated 20 amp circuit breaker.

Will I need special permits?
Yes, you'll need municipal permits, but don't worry about it. We'll take care of it. We know how to work with with City Hall.

Will I get a written price quote?

Will installation destroy my existing lawn and plantings?
It's best if we can do our installation prior to landscaping, but if you already have a lawn and garden, rest assured that we use the latest tools and technology so we make minimal marks on your property. Our ground splitting equipment leaves a small scar that heals in days, and we can route wires around trees and beds.

Will your installation tear up my sidewalks and driveways?
No. We have specialized equipment that augers under sidewalks and driveways.

How long will it take to install?
This depends on the size of the job, but residential jobs typically take only a day or two, weather permitting.

What happens if something goes wrong with the system?
We have an expert service department that can be there promptly.

How complicated is the system for me to operate?
We will show you how to use the controller, and it comes with a simple manual.

Can I afford it?
A first rate system is surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider how it will enhance the value of your home, not to mention your peace of mind. Financing is available through our contractors and other financial institutions.

Will you give me the lowest price?
If you look hard enough you may find someone less expensive. But beware of lowball contractors who use inferior products, cut corners, and cannot offer timely service. We install the best value systems at competitive prices that are tailored to your needs and budget, and we offer skilled, prompt service. Buy value, not price!